10/19/11 UPDATE:

Please see new FTP website to review returned submittals:

Steps to access submittal files:

1. Go to

2. in the other right hand corner of the home page click on FTP

3. user name: rhci (all lower case)

4. password: cos (all lower case)

5. Under the NM&R logo click on Enter Secure FTP Site

6. Click on Download Files

The reviewed submittals are in the dated file folders. Files  of reviewed submittals are dated by the day posted to the FTP site. Review the returned submittals, if revision or other action is required please follow up ASAP.

08/12/11 UPDATE:

Please review the link below, many submittals are not being properly prepared for review. Submittal Instruction & Spec 01 33 00

The COS Science Building project is using electronic submittals thru Alliance. The aim is to save time on submittal turnaround, postage, paper and printing costs.

Alliance is a web service used  by the architect for processing information such as submittals and RFI’s. Nichols, Melburg & Rossetto (NM&R) communicate with their engineers, consultants and general contractors electronically thru Alliance.

Subcontractors do not access Alliance directly. The general contractor disperses information so subs so all parties have the same information and no parties are left out of the loop.

Electronic submittals should be emailed to Ray Foster at and copied to Gloria Richeson at

Subs should not contact the architect or consulting engineers directly about submittals without prior permission from RHCI. Please send submittals in pdf files (per the spec) with either an electronic transmittal cover or other form of explanation for which part of the spec the files are to be submitted under and the in the order you want the files submitted. Submittal packages are to be complete, including LEED if the section has a requirement for LEED. Only subs with prior permission to submit portions of their submittals should do so. Please review the submittal procedure in the spec book before sending sending submittals to RHCI. Incomplete submittals will be returned by the architect as revise and resubmit.

Subcontractors can send or hand deliver CD’s or other storage devise to Ray Foster if files are extremely large but please make sure the submittal is complete. Please include a table of contents of cover page describing which section to submit under. Please do not send emails with files for RHCI to wade thru, you will be asked again for direction on how and where to submit. Submittals are the responsibility of the subcontractors, RHCI will not construct submittals for subcontractors.  Please allow time for delivery if drives or disks are mailed to Ray.                                                                                                                          Mail drives or disks to:

RHCI at COS                                                                                                                                  800 College Avenue                                                                                                                     Weed CA 96094                                                                                                                                       Subs will be notified when the drives and disks arrive at the campus.

Subcontractors will be notified by email when submittals are loaded. Review results will be forwarded to subs ASAP.  If there are questions about the status of a submittal contact Ray or Gloria with questions, preferably by email.

Subs will be required  to supply 4 hard copies of approved submittals for use by the owner, RHCI, IOR and Kevin Nolen the Construction Manager for the Science Building project. Copies will be prepared after approval so that revisions and rejections do not have to be printed repeatedly. NM&R will send approved submittals electronically to RHCI thru Alliance and these will be forwarded to the subs for hard copies to be produced.