Punch Lists

Punch Lists: Notifications will be sent when punch lists are updated or added to the website.

08/21/12: Please review the latest response to the reviewed punch list:

COS Punch RHCI Plan 8-21-12

08/20/12: See attached schedule for classes in the Science Building on the first floor for this week. Work on the interior or exterior of the Science Building needs to be coordinated with RHCI as well as being planned around class times. The 2012-2013 COS academic calendar is also attached for work required to be done during break.

COS Classes 1st floor 082412

COS 2012_2013 Academic Calendar



Please review the response to the architect’s 081012 revised punch list:

COS Punch list_Update 8-10-12 RHCI Response

Below are the lists from the architect and Superintendent following 08/10/12 punch walk, loaded 08/13/12:

COS Punch list_Update 8-10-12

COS Punch List Results 081012

Original Punch Lists are below:

Construction Manger Site Punch List:

COS Sitework Punchlist_7 27 12 KN


IOR Punch List:

IOR Punch & Test List 073012


Superintendent Punch List:

COS Science Building Super Full Punch List 072712


Architect Punch List, Electrical, Low Volt, Site HVAC

Costa Punch List 072812

Landscape Punchlist_7-26-12

COS Punch list_7-24-12 _2_PDF

CoS-Sci_Low Volt_2012-07-24

Pace Electrical Punch List 2012_07_25

COS_Door Hardware_2012-08-02

IOR Task List: Gordon Lemke’s task list of items that need to be addressed will be added to the website when updated and subs will be notified. When work is completed subs should ask Gordon to review so the item can be removed from the list.

IOR COS Above Ceiling Punchlist 7

IOR COS Above Ceiling Punchlist 6

IOR COS Above Ceiling Punchlist 5

IOR COS Above Ceiling Punchlist 4

IOR COS Above Ceiling Punchlist 3

Above Ceiling Punchlists 050912

IOR COS Above Ceiling Punchlist 2 050812

IOR COS Above Ceiling Punchlist 1 050712